Sunday, November 30, 2008

Our last fling before chemoland

We had decided that this weekend was the best time to go on a minivacation before I retreat into chemoland. We woke up early to begin the day. I took Naomi to her bball tournament and was able to watch one game while Steve was home making arrangements. Fortunately Saturday night, the team had a sleepover so I didn't have to worry about Naomi 'hooking up' with Dante.. Naomi hates asking people for rides as except for the sophomore Kelcie, they all can drive. The two new girls are unbelievable quick-they beat everyone easily including teams we've had problems with in the past.
I then picked up Steve and we went to Armada for my Aunt Ginny's husband's memorial. Mel had 3 kids by his first wife. As she had died in childbirth, he raised the kids himself and married my aunt in 1971. These kids turned into 12 grandkids who turned into 18 great-grandkids, most seemed to be there. Alot of them seemed to be little boys under 6 who have never heard the word no. While various relatives were giving tributes to Mel, these kids ran around in a corner screaming as if they were on a playground. Not once was it suggested that these kids show a little respect. It was good to see my cousins and their kids. One of my cousin's kids is dating a chemistry professor from England that once worked in Sandwich where Steve was temporarily assigned. Another is an actress living in LA who had starred in this gay supernatural soap opera (Dante's Cove) on the LOGO network. She played a lesbian vampire. Between acting jobs, she paints. She is unbelievably pretty and sweet. Another just joined the military and is currently in Maine pretending to be a POW in the snow.
My Uncle Carl brought pictures. He gave me a picture of Sugar and me when I was about 12. My mother's cousin Walter (he and his wife were there also) had a dairy farm in Lapeer I used to love to go to. Not so much because of all the cows but because of all the cats and the palomino horse Sugar. To get to ride a horse for free was quite a thrill for me. They still have all the cows but no longer milk them. They will get to live out their lives. Walt's wife Virginia won't eat beef and is fond of each of the cows. Lots of active people pushing ninety but looking much younger. Hopefully I will get to live as long as them but chances are getting slimmer here. Another picture was of my Uncle Austin. I never saw a picture of him before. He had killed himself when he was in his early 20s suffering from various demons. I always pictured him looking just like my mom but he looked nothing like her. He was blonde, blue-eyed and extremely handsome. All her other siblings (except Carl-he is blonde and blue-eyed) are dark-haired. My Aunt Ginny looks so much like my mom I gasp every time I see her. My mom died last year-she got the short end of the stick in so many ways.
Steve arranged for us to stay in a B&B in Holly. As the crow flies, it was 40 miles due west of Armada but there were plenty of obstacles in the way. It took forever to get there. Holly is home of Carrie Nation-founder of the temperance movement chopping down bars with her axe. The B&B was very cute and nicely decorated. It's sometimes almost a burden trying to have fun when it might be your last chance. I warned him how hard it was going to be during the next 4 months but he said he will take care of everything-all I have to do is sleep.
Breakfast was very good-a German apple pancake and an artichoke souffle. The hosts were talkative and interesting. Business is bad as it is in all SE. Michigan. There was a prediction of a snowstorm so we hurried home. I got my last run in before the snow started. We then went out to lunch with Josh. The snow was really coming down with freezing rain thrown into the mix. We went to pick up Naomi from her sleep-over that turned out to be in this mansion in Saline (not sure how the girl gets to play for Huron). She had a great time with her teammates watching movies all night. With the roads being so bad, fetching Naomi took more than an hour. I've got all my Sunday papers to catch-up with now.

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