Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Insurance Hell

The little rascal in the box will be 10 months tomorrow.

Boring, gloomy day. Too slippery to run. When my company let me go last year, they gave me a year's worth of health insurance which expires this Thursday. I could then theoretically get retiree health insurance from them but it will be a completely different plan. There are 2 choices and it is like pulling teeth to get any details about them. I've called them 4 times with different answers each time. No info on how to sign up. They keep promising that they are mailing stuff but it never comes. Now I write down the names of everyone I talk to. Of course this whole call center is out-sourced with poorly trained people. My husband was let go in January of this year so our new tact was to get on his insurance-at least for the next 6 weeks. After more than an hour on the phone and many conflicting answers, it was decided to let my insurance run out and then on Friday morning he is to call and put me on as his spouse and I will be retroactively covered. Their computer would blow up if it looked like I was getting 'double coverage.'Of course what I am afraid of is that Steve will call Friday and they will change their mind and say, Too bad. She dropped her coverage and we don't have to give her anything now. The timing of this sucks so much as chemo begins next week. I am so full of anxiety as it is and this has made things way worse.

I've been reading more TNBC stories-the worse, a node negative woman named Shawn was dead from a brain tumor before she even finished chemo-6 months from diagnosis to death.

And I messed up my stat counter trying to block my own cookies. It still works-not as well though and very hard to access my own information. So I got a visitor from Kenya the other day. Have several visitors from Canada-some specifically from Hamilton, Ontario where many people from Gagliano emigrated to to get jobs-they come back to Gagliano in the summer. I hope I didn't offend any of them. Also someone from Korea and several Brits.

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