Wednesday, November 5, 2008


The yearbook ad I finally submitted after much messing around with the defective PowerPoint we have on our "vista' computer which arbitrarily erases files and wouldn't let me save in a usable format. I was trying to transfer files to our old computer which has the good version of PowerPoint-the one I had at work- but silly me, couldn't figure out where to plug in the zip-drive. I spent hours on this no thanks to the erase for no reason function.

Steve left at 5:15 am to be an inspector returning around 11:30 pm--so at $8/hour...
He had a mostly UM student district meaning no lines after 5 pm like the other precincts. Some African-American Huron students had signed on to help out. Although they were very nervous at the start, these boys were the best workers.

As I had a lot more energy today, it would have been better if I voted today instead of Saturday when I was still woozy from the surgery. It was a beautiful day. I was able to run at Gallup Park after dropping the ad off at Huron. The schools were closed today to students as lot of the schools are polling places. Later Deb and her dog Lhasa came over for a 3 mile walk along the river. Still lots of fall colors even so late. Later Jo, Deb and I went out for dinner and then I came home to edit Naomi's English paper that she was half-heartily working on all day. She and her buddy went into town to get free Ben and Jerry's for those who voted, a long line as students don't pass up freebies. They were warned that they wouldn't get anything as they had no sticker on and people wondered why they didn't vote. We're 17..we woulda voted. I passed up a neighbor's election night party for my paper editing duties. The subject was 'My favorite place' and they were to jam it full of similes and metaphors, a problem for her as she is so literal..he was as tall as a 6 foot tree..type of girl. New York City was her subject-subway stations smelling like litter boxes, roads being parking lots at all hours..

So for the next 4 weeks or so, I have a break from cancer world except for the heart function test, the wig selection, and another mammogram. When I told Josh my schedule, he said good, now you can cook Thanksgiving Dinner. I will try to have fun. BBall season will be in full swing. Try-outs this week. Naomi was one of the few to make the varsity guard times in the mile run-7:08 without practicing even though she will be a 'post'. Only one girl gets to have a 'post' time as she is over 200 lbs-9:45 for her. The rest of the girls need to run everyday until their times are acceptable. The team will have unbelievably good guards with only 4 post players-Naomi being the most senior one though one girl is 6'2", Naomi can jump higher.

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