Tuesday, November 18, 2008

New Name?

I visited one of my my visitor's sites, Kairol. She was first diagnosed with neck cancer in her twenties and has since written a book on young adults dealing with cancers. A lot of them did not have health insurance. This drug that I will need to take to stimulate my bone marrow into producing the white blood cells that will be destroyed is $6000/dose and I need 4 doses for the AC part. Not sure if I need it for the Taxol regime. Kizer still hasn't sent me info on the 'retirement' insurance that needs to start next month despite my nagging. Oh well. I can still pay for COBRA. But aside from there many tribulations of having cancer so young, they are much more cleverer than I in naming their blogs. My favorites: Miss Melanoma, Chemopolooza, and the Adventures of Baldylocks. If I get an epiphany before chemobrain sets in, my lamely named blog will be retitled.

Naomi was cleared by her doctor to play so back to 3 hour practice sessions for her.

I was able to run yesterday with large, fluffy snowflakes falling on me. I felt good. Two more weeks of running pleasure though I will try to run just a little. I did find one young mom with breast cancer who was able to run a little during chemo but she had been recently running marathons before diagnosis.

Steve and I went out for bento box lunches on campus. Later Josh stopped by afterwork to possibly deal with his resume. He is considered to be 'key' talent despite his age at his company, but if he is let go,  he will have to leave the state. For you out-of-staters, it is amazing how everything is tied to the auto industry here in SE Michigan-businesses failing left and right. Yet somehow the auto execs still get their extremely fat bonuses. Something is so terribly wrong with that. Kizer is no different, if not worse. Under the last CEO's watch, the value of the company dropped in half yet he was given a record golden parachute when they kicked him out while telling the minions that they pay for performance. He should pay back Kizer. Of course the next CEO thought it would be a good idea to wipe the Ann Arbor site off the map even though in the past, their big sellers came from there..and so here we are..unemployed. But both Steve and I got our little parachutes and live relatively simply with no mortgage payments and I certainly would not want to be working while on chemo. Some of my blog friends still work despite extremely unpleasant side effects and I admire them so much-especially Renee and Kathy and Sharon.

Martha stopped by with some raspberries. She is heading out tomorrow to Santa Monica to deliver a paper and then to NYC.

I am reading Reading Lolita in Iran. Under the Islamic fundamentalist regime, these young women get together secretly and discuss Lolita, Jane Austen novels, and The Great Gatsby. All these books are banned there due to their western decadence. Lolita is especially decadent as its discusses the sexual relationship between a 12 year old and her step-father, which most people would agree is awful but under the Ayatollah, the marriage age dropped from 18 to 9. Suffice it to say, these nine year old girls have little say. Legalized statutory rape. It is amazing how people survive in such difficult circumstances.


Kathy said...

First, your blog name is just perfect. Second, I had to have Neulasta shots for both AC and T (just fyi). Third, I worked as much as I could (cumulatively dwindled) through the first half of chemo and had to completely stop working throughout the second half (also fyi). You just be good to yourself.

Everything Changes said...

Thanks for the shout out to my blog. Your blog name is great. I agree with Kathy: no name change!


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