Friday, November 14, 2008


My brother-law's girlfriend sent me the above. My brother-in-law has been battling primary brain lymphoma successfully despite its bad stats.
Naomi is injured of all things, during basketball try-out week. This time she took a very hard hit to the jaw and it hurts alot. If it doesn't get better today, we'll have to deal with it. She does not suffer in silence. Still trying to ensure she gets up to speed in her art class.
When one goes on chemo, it isn't advised to shave as the possiblity of nicking yourself is high. These nicks won't heal as they usually do. It becomes a moot point soon enough as there will be no hair to shave. But I have to be real careful running before chemo (I know I won't be able to run during chemo) as I have yet to find a running bra that doesn't chafe me unless I put large amounts of cream on me. I have chafing scars all over me. I'll have to especially careful the week before chemo.
It was in the 50s yesterday and sunny. Good running weather though breezy. I met Anthony for happy hour. His wife finished chemo for breast cancer a year ago. It lasted 8 weeks vs the 16 weeks planned for me but she did not have TNBC. It was nice catching up.


S. F. Heron said...

Re: the chafing. Remember those wonderfully soft baby diapers we used for burp pads. Get a few of those (come in packs of 6 at Target or Kmart) and lay them over you chest before putting on your bra. Stops the chafing :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE the picture; thanks for sharing. And take care. And I've had good luck with bras from (no financial interest, promise). Enjoy your weekend,


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