Monday, August 31, 2015

Il ultimo d'agosto

Depot Town, Ypsi. Had to go back down there today as I left my credit card there

I framed the Chihuly ceiling of the glass bridge

pretty butterfly

I had taken a break from buying Groupons and their ilk and then rushing to meet a deadline to make whatever but last week, a coupon came in my e-mail for a photobook for just $5. Plenty of time  to do today but then I kept putting it off. My first problem: I never saved many of the photos I took with my iPhone onto the computer. As my iCloud is full, I should at least store them somewhere safe. The new iPhone stores things differently than the old so it took forever to figure that out. And once they were loaded, all the editing, I did on them was gone. I was unexpectedly busy Saturday so I reserved Sunday to do all the work. But I kept being interrupted. My friend whose sister probably has breast cancer can't begin treatment as the tissue taken from her did not indicate cancer (tumors are in several places in her spine, femur, ribs, and lung), kept texting for advice. And despite almost 2 weeks of searching, they still can't find any tumors in her breast. So new tissue has to be taken and identified before they can begin treatment. Meanwhile, a new tumor popped up. Lots of fear and frustration. Why can't they just begin treatment anyway? The medications for lung cancer and breast cancer are very different; they need to know exactly what kind of cancer they are dealing with.
So this morning after an early morning run (heat has returned along with the bugs in my hair), I devoted all my energy into making this photobook. When I went to pay for it, I noticed that my credit card was missing. Frantic search ensues. I pay for it with another credit card and finish buying the book. Right after that, I notice an e-mail saying I could have the book for free instead of $5. They give you an hour to cancel. I cancelled the order and tried to submit it again with the free code instead. All of a sudden , my book was missing in cyberspace, one that I put 6 hours into. Their phone lines were busy with 22 people ahead of me. Eventually someone called me back and told me to restart the program. Suddenly my missing book appears and I seemed to reorder it with the free code with no problem. Meanwhile the restaurant that I think I left my credit card at, was too busy to search for it but they did call back 2 hours later with it. So two minor frustrations dealt with.
The end of August but not the end of heat.

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Elephant's Child said...

Thank goodness your card was safe. I would have been frantic.
And I hope they can get things sorted for your friend's sister. Soon.


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