Wednesday, September 2, 2015

black sesame ice cream

My photo of the Glass Bridge and the glass museum in the background

The fused glass pretty I bought in the gift shop showing the same view

I brought this in to try to brighten the inside

For the past 2 days I've been in the doldrums. Recently I listened to an interview with David Foster Wallace (Pulitzer prize winning author who killed himself: voice of a generation) who said that he should be happy but he is not. I get that. Yep I can list lots of little annoyances here, all of which I have whined about before. It is tiresome. And I know I have lots of blessings and that these should be cancelling them out and more but I am just not feeling it.
It is very hot (temperatures are uterine in the words of DFW) and has been wilting the flowers and me. Today will be the hottest.
Steve must be feeling similarly so we went out last night to a sushi place. We rarely get dessert but opted for a Japanese ice cream assortment: ginger, plum wine and black sesame though they replaced the missing plum with mango. The black sesame did brighten my day a bit.

To access A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never do Again see here: It's DWF's very well written article about cruising where he was supposed to be having fun but can only see evil.

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Elephant's Child said...

I have bookmarked Shipping Out, and will get to it later today (I hope).
Sometimes melancholy and overwhelmed are perfectly rational decisions. We are all entitled to a paddle in the pity pool - not a problem until it becomes a wallow.


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