Monday, September 14, 2015

A hornet in my bonnet

Allie on the tractor  She hates loud noises and refuses to be taken a ride on it

hummingbird looks on as nasty yellowjackets invade feeder. Coating the surface with lots of olive oil kept them away later. The sprinkler washed it away so I nee to coat it again

mums the word

magnet bought in New Orleans years ago matches my green and purple decor

Since my odometer broke, I use the phone to chart my progress. I slow down going up hills

Stupid, stupid Blogger erased my last entry. I get messages regularly saying my browser does not support Blogger which prefers that I use Chrome. I would love to use Chrome but had to take it off my computer as viruses hijacked it. Furthermore any attempts to reload Chrome resulted in more viruses as it is impossible to tell a bogus copy from the real I will not load any programs onto this computer. When it dies, it will be replaced by a Mac which is not so virus prone. Yep I have several antivirus programs, none of which was useful in removing the viruses.
I should be having my long neglected hair redone right now but just as I was leaving, my hair dresser called ill. I haven't had my hair done since before I went to California in May, a record amount of time. I've cut the bangs several times. My roots don't look so bad to me but as usual I may be in denial.
So that I would have time to drive to the opposite corner of our county this morning, I got an early start with my long run. Temperature was only 42 (it will climb to 77). I love the cool air and extra bonus, too cool for those deer flies that try to burrow into my hair to get a bite. I was surprised that something landed in my hair and it felt bigger than a deer fly. First guess wasp. I frantically tried to kill it before it could sting but it was protected somewhat in a wad of my hair. finally got it out of my hair. Not a wasp but a huge bald faced hornet. It didn't sting me but its venom must have been released as the top of my head throbs. I am not a fan of stinging insects. I tolerate the honey bees, which we have no shortage of but the wasps are getting peskier and peskier. They will sting for no reason. They love the hummingbird feeders though they do not like crawling through oil. I need to reoil one of the feeder ports this afternoon.
Josh and Allie visited yesterday. She had all the riding toys to herself. While she rode, she sang the alphabet song.

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Elephant's Child said...

I am with Allie on the noise front. It does my head in and I avoid it when I can.
I can distinctly remember being stung by a wasp - in the underarm as I was swimming. They really don't play fair.


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