Saturday, September 19, 2015

Art Night with the Moms

Not part of art night: I decided to print up some photos this morning. This photo shows off Allie's beautiful eyes

UMMA has lots of Tiffany glass
Including this lamp

made from painted over broken plates

no photographs allowed of temporary exhibits. Tyree Guyton was a guest exhibitor last night and signed my pamphlet. Over the years, he has converted a block of abandoned houses in innercity Detroit to a work of art The Heidelberg Project. It keeps being burnt down. As it is fairly close to where my friend is getting her transplant, I was going to see what was left of it
From the pamphlet. I guess I could have just scanned the pamphlet instead of taking a photo of it
It is raining on my parade though it will stop in a few hours and then off to see what we can do to make the house presentable for tomorrow's open house.

Last night the UM Art Museum held an open house and featured several local artists.  They also supplied some tasty treats for the many guests. We met at one of the Mom's house for some wine before carpooling. With the students back in town, Ann Arbor is quite crowded. Students walk in front of cars without looking up. After the event , a drunken car full of coeds shouted something about us being old ladies as we crossed at a stop sign.

But it was fun looking at art and meeting Tyree Guyton. I stupidly wore sandals bought years ago but never worn until last night. Ow.


Elephant's Child said...

Intriguing house conversion. Does it get burnt down as a protest against the artist or is it 'just' mindless vandalism?

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Sadly mainly random arson, all too common in inner city Detroit. Not everyone is thrilled with what he does though.


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