Wednesday, September 9, 2015

My eyes

She once was an angel. Naomi here is the same age as her daughter is now

Shanna and Steve hold Baby Joe, who will be 20 in a few months

Spud the pug looks like he's smoking a cigar

Bored kids in front of the Flatiron building. I think this was Dec 1993 as by the next summer, Josh was as tall as Shanna

Josh and Baby Spud March 1996

I like this photo of Steve and his nephew

I bought an underwater camera for my snorkeling: Josh and Naomi
In a week, I will finally see an ophthalmologist to see if my cataracts are bad enough to justify the lens replacement. In the meantime, I am getting symptoms in my 'good' eye, which finally is not beet red. I had broken a blood vessel in the eye so one half of the white was red making me look hideous. It has been 4 weeks now and its finally faded to a trace of blood.

I found the above photos yesterday. I never finished organizing and copying old photos. A good project for the winter especially during the month of recovery from my surgery.

Finally it rained last night after a day of unbearable heat and humidity. It is much cooler today so I went for a long run and a short bike ride to make up for the sloth of yesterday.

All the kids seemed to survive their first day of school.

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Elephant's Child said...

Where does the time go...
Good luck on both the eye front, and the surgery.


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