Monday, September 28, 2015

Super Blood Moon Eclipse was a Bust

Allie's birthday party was next to a playground

The boys spun around in this dish until they were sick

Allie driving a police car She could turn on the flashers and sirens
My resident frog likes to hang out on the fake water lilies

yellow roses are in bloom here
her big birthday present: a trike though she can't pedal it yet

Julie's uncle came to the party in a restored 1963 police cruiser

I have had bad luck observing rare astronomy happenings. I miss rare comets, meteor showers, Northern lights and now the rare super blood moon eclipse. It was supposed to happen at a reasonable hour: 10 pm or so. A friend and I stayed up late on our porch drinking wine waiting for it but after a week of perfectly clear weather, there were clouds. Even my friend en route to see her sister for the very last time, could see it from the plane.
Allie's party was in a local park on top of a former landfill. No alcohol was to be served in the shelter. Just down the hill, the county sheriff had a substation and would swing a car through every once in a while. The presence of our forbidden booze made Josh nervous. A cruiser pulled into the parking lot. He thought Oh great, now we are going to be busted! But then I noticed that the cruiser looked to be about 50 years old. Certainly their county could afford more updated  cruisers. Years ago, we had this same Plymouth station wagon though  ours was cream colored and probably a 1959 model. Julie's  uncle once was a cop and thought it would be fun to restore an old Detroit police cruiser.
Allie enthusiastically unwrapped her many presents with the kids crowding around her. Someone had gotten her kid sized cleaning supplies: a broom and dustpan in pink. This made Tessa super excited. Who would have thought that cleaning supplies would bring so much joy? For my girls, I avoided things like this and all the frilly pink things. What kids do not want to see are clothes unless they are tutus or some kind of costume.


Elephant's Child said...

I too missed the supermoon. Many, many unproductive clouds.
Allie looks as if she was having a wonderful time - which is just as it should be.

Lisa said...

I've missed all the blood moons, and many of the other events. I've enjoyed all the pictures from around the world that I've seen, but I would have liked to see it for myself.


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