Tuesday, September 15, 2015


I overestimated the time it would take to get to my hairdresser's so I went to Sharon Mills nearby

This is the River Raisin, named after its color

After my run, I hightailed it across the county to my hairdresser's. I overtook a car billowing smoke on the freeway. Just as I was thinking what pollution this man was causing, the car burst into flames from its underside. He pulled over. A car pulled behind him. I only hope the good Samaritan was able to get the elderly driver out of the car before he was burnt to a crisp. Scary.

I walked around nearby Sharon Mills before going to my hair dresser. I was still too early so I followed her flock of chickens around led by Napoleon the bantam rooster who is half the size of his hens but very feisty. It was sunny out so the chickens were free to roam around. If a hawk flew by, they would be able see its shadow and hide in time. On cloudy days, they keep covered as there would be no hawk shadows to warn them. This isn't fool proof as the hawk got 2 bantam hens in the past. My friend thinks the hens' size save them from being hawk bait but Napoleon is at risk.

So my hair now is darker and more shaped. Yay. While I was there, I got a message from Josh's MIL for me to send a photo of myself and Allie. I am afraid there are none as I hate photos of myself and I am usually taking the pictures. Maybe Steve will take one this weekend. Also got 3 messages of viewings for this afternoon. We drastically reduced the price of this house. Maybe this nightmare will be over soon and we could enjoy life a bit more without that dark cloud.

A funny thing I watched this morning. Mrs Cardinal was feeding her son who now is all grown up and is getting his adult colors. As he is her size, he should be able to pick off food from the suet cake but he waits on a branch nearby to be fed. When he was just a fledging, he looked like a sparrow and I was puzzled to see a cardinal feeding one. No interspecies love. But I looked up what fledging cardinals look like and that's what he was. It seems that not just humans don't know when to kick their young out of the nest.

 Although chicks and ducklings are cute, most baby birds look much cuter as adults unlike most mammals. I saw a newly hatched parrot once at a zoo and it was especially ugly.

The story I most related to as a child was that of the ugly duckling; all big, awkward and ugly among the cute little ducklings but of course it turned into a swan. I kept waiting for that moment for myself.

Below is Napoleon. He is pretty


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Elephant's Child said...

Baby birds are indeed ugly.
On the mammal front, baby kangaroos when they are first born are something only a mother could love as well (they are about the size of a jelly-bean and decidedly embryonic looking). Much, much better by the time they develop fur.


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