Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall gardens

We will be celebrating her 2nd birthday later today. Her hair is finally growing

Big sky from this morning's bike ride
Botanical gardens orchids

Not many trees have turned yet but this bonsai maple has
This place is a monarch sanctuary with lots of milkweed. Should have gone there a month ago to take photos of the chyrsalises
autumn crocus: should buy some bulbs to have my own
Steve wondered why I was taking a photo of a deformed zinnia when there were perfect blossoms nearby
dragonfly on a marigold. Marigolds are supposed to repel insects

Beetles on milkweed sucking up that oxalic acid. This same bitter acid makes monarchs yucky tasting to birds

Indian summer still goes on though it will come to a halt sometime this week, inconveniently during our annual pilgrimage to Grand Rapids for ArtPrize. It has been great for running and biking. The downside is that gardens need to be watered and those nasty stinging insects have thrived. It is hard to go outside and not be bothered by them. Currently I have a stinger embedded in my chest. I assumed that I reflexively swatted a wasp at the pumpkin farm the other day but whatever it is managed to leave a stinger in me so I am guessing honeybee. Never saw it. We have put up  2 wasp traps: bags containing an attractant that lures them to their death though some do escape it. Both are filled with various nasties including several bald faced hornets and smaller wasps.
Steve and I decided not to sit around all day as so often our custom. A walk at the Botanical Gardens, shopping for a nicer dinner and then to the Deluxe thrift store that has high end stuff versus the shlock found at some. I didn't buy much, a nice frame that I will put the Allie on a Pumpkin shot in (or maybe Tessa on a pumpkin) and some handmade jewelry for charity.
I have to start later and later every Sunday on my bike ride meaning more car traffic. At least the sun wasn't in the driver's eyes on my short due east portion. I am getting faster, both biking and running but then in December, I will have to stop.
We will celebrate Allie's birthday later this afternoon 2 days early. Allie had requested a purse and Steve had selected a very cute doggy purse. Shanna noticed it unwrapped on our table: she had bought the exact same purse. Eventually one of the other girls will get this for X-mas. We have other gifts for her.

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Elephant's Child said...

Doubling up on that purse is a bit irritating, but at least there are others in the family who will enjoy it.
The last bee sting I got I blew up like a barrage balloon. It was on my wrist, and twenty minutes later it was so swollen I couldn't bend it. The last bee sting himself got was in his throat while he was riding. Twenty minutes later he got me to remove the stinger. A tiny red mark, which disappeared almost instantly.


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