Friday, September 4, 2015


Sunset last night Yep I am posting more and more sunrise and sunsets than I used to. Wasn't able to see the sky at the old house due to all the trees

Finally it did rain though today's rain never showed up
glass cardinals part of yesterday's finds The rose stained glass was something I made 35 years ago and lost until 2 months after we moved
Today, torn handmade paper. These just happen to be the colors in our master bedroom
another glass vase. Not as excited about it as I was the plumeria vase pictured yesterday but the price was literally less than a tenth
After my run this morning in the soggy heat, I planned to hightail it to the Habitat for Humanity resale shop. Last week I saw a beautiful salad bowl that I thought was way too much but today, everything was going to be half off and I wanted to be first in line. Well I missed that boat by about 40 minutes due to phone calls and me making a wrong turn. It presumably was sold minutes before I got there. I couldn't park anywhere near the place as everyone knew about this sale. Lines were out the door and I had agreed to meet a friend a half hour after. I grabbed several unmarked items. Due to math I didn't quite understand, I was told if I just give the lady 7 dollars cash, I could be on my way. As just one of the items cost ten, I think I got quite a bit for very little. Anyway, I haven't found time to hang stuff up and I should take a break from my trashy treasures.
My friend awaiting her bone marrow transplant (correct term: stem cell one is touching her or her brother's bone marrow) had a rare bit of energy and wanted company. I've only known her for a few years but we've become good friends in the last 8 months or so. Come next week, things will be very busy for her preparing for the 'blast'.
Then off to the U to visit my friend who ended up again in the hospital from a nasty side effect of her cancer (s) 21 years ago. The cancer has been long gone but the treatment leaves her vulnerable to a particular nasty complication. If she is out of the hospital before 2 weeks total, it will be a miracle. Right now she is recovering from surgery. She has had the trials of Job with various medical conditions. So unfair for such a wonderful person. Although the distance from my friend's to the hospital is only about 4 miles, various road closures and the students moving in made the last mile take a half hour. This was about 2 pm. Rush hour will be especially fun as will game days. As usual, poor planning to have all these unfinished projects at once.
And the silly visitor parking structure! Half the spaces were blocked off due to structural damage. It is a very busy place and I had to travel very slowly to the top floor to find a spot. A few weeks ago, a car caught on fire inside the structure and destroyed the 4 cars around it. This closed the structure for a few days so I have no idea what visitors and patients did. The Cancer treatment area has its own parking area so I didn't deal with the main structure except when Shanna was an inpatient on and off for 2 weeks. I think we paid more than $200 in parking fees.
We told the realtor she needs to sell the house before the end of the month or we are finished with her. She has put no effort into it. Our options? Rent the place (headache but it will bring income) or have a local realtor sell it. The whole business makes me sad.

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Elephant's Child said...

I hope that the threat of being sacked does put some fire in your realtor.

And good luck to your friend. Love those glass cardinals. And your window.


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