Thursday, September 17, 2015


I love it when Maya's hair is natural
today for picture day
Me with my straight hair. Actually doesn't look too different from this now

My curly headed beauty on a Sit-n-spin. Shanna and Josh as toddlers twirled themselves silly on one. I think I got rid of it before Naomi was born much later Just bought this at a resale for the younger grandbabies
Before Shanna and Tessa came over, they had hiked down to the river and back in the Arb.

One of my many cosmetic short comings as a child was my super straight hair. Good hair was curly. This was potentially fixable on a temporary basis at least. I would sleep with these rubber things on known as spoolies. I would not be careful to tuck in my ends so I'd end up with curls with straight ends hanging out. To keep the curls, I would plaster them with some vile stuff known as Dippity-Do.
 They would of course be stiff. Later would be the pink foam rollers and even later, hot rollers that gave me dry, split ends.  The worse would be the brush rollers which tangled up my hair and took forever to remove.Finally in the late 60s, straight hair was more desirable and I could put the torture devices away and spend the extra time applying layers of make-up. It may appear below that I have no lipstick on. I do and it's white. That's a color that never came back

. Straight hair presumably is a recessive trait. As Steve's hair is very straight too, this should mean we would have children with very straight hair but we don't. Naomi's is quite wavy. She spends a lot of time straightening it. Josh's hair started out straight but by high school, it was quite curly. He has all the curls cut off. If I was in charge of his hair, I'd let them grow out. Even Shanna has quite a bit of body to her hair though it is fairly straight.

I've tried perms making me look like Bozo turning my silky hair to straw. And then there would be that awkward period of straight roots. I've just let my hair be natural for the past 25 years though since cancer, I color it as the chemo hair looked way too sad. After being bald, my chemo hair came in in tight curls that gradually disappeared after about 2 years. On the sidebar with me with the Moms, the curls are half way relaxed.

So today I read about an advertising campaign from Dove targeted to the 30% of American women with curly hair. Its message: Love your curls. How things change! Of course they have all sorts of products for them.

We have 2 curly headed granddaughters. Our gene pool has since been infused with curliness genes. Allie's hair, what little she has, is as straight as can be. I don't imagine it changing.

More Indian summer with dry heat. I've had a headache most of the day. Coming down with something? Result from that hornet burrowing into my head? Facing bright light with fully dilated pupils?

Last week they had dumped all this loose gravel on my favorite dirt road, Joy, making it unrideable. I was pleasantly surprised to see most of this gravel gone today during my ride.

A visit from Shanna and Tessa and back and forths to the car repair place. Fortunately all that racket coming from one of our cars turned out to be very minor and quickly fixable

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Elephant's Child said...

Straight hair shines more. Have you noticed that in any advertisement for shampoo they feature straight hair?
Mine curls. Quite a bit. And can look a bit like a flying door mat.
I suspect that headace does relate to dilated eyes and sunshine - and hope it is quickly gone.


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