Wednesday, August 5, 2015

U of Washington Arboretum

sunset at Metro. I assume the black dots are to save birds, not wreck my photos
Editing will be done upon return. We had a late flight to Seattle but various situations arose to make things later. first a medical emergency a few rows in front of us.  A big dude had trouble breathing. Now was sitting in the exit row so in case of emergency, there would be no getting around him. fortunately we didn't land in North Dakota. an ambulance was waiting for him in Seattle blocking the planes path. any communication with the ground crew? We had to wait until they got him off and then waited an hour for the luggage despite Deltas new policy of 20 minutes. then off to the car rental place.  by this time it was 4 am Michigan time. so so tired.   And the desk person told us they had no more cars. we were about 40 minutes away with no traffic from Steves sister and too late to call her. We were offered a 12 person van instead. no choice but to take it.  later in the week we can trade it in. It is hard to park in a busy city. Despite only 4 hours of sleep we were up with the sun.   We went for a walk in the Arb. despite the drought it still is quite lush
The sister-in-law
A walk through the Arb. My sister-in-law lived near here when we first visited her almost 30 years ago and I would run here
lots of big trees: sequoias and Douglas firs
We visited Steve's mom happy to have all her children with her. She is almost 91 and doing well. She used to be as tall as her daughter. She was quite striking as a young woman
Throughout our visit, I was amazed what flowers still were in bloom. Magnolias come out in April in Michigan for a very short while. I saw peonies here that in Michigan bloomed briefly in June

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Elephant's Child said...

I hope you have got the frustrations out of the way early and it is smooth sailing from now on.
Love the arboretum.


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