Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Minion cupcakes for the birthday boy

Reading to his friends
lego candles
a pensive Maya
minions were edible gummies
my tallest sunflower..about 2 feet above my head
butterfly feeding on the feeder outside my bedroom window. As I went to get the better lens, it flew away Even though I am only 2 feet away on the other side of the glass, as long as I don't move, the hummingbirds tolerate my presence. They do not tolerate each other
2042 is the year that Caucasians will comprise less than 50% of the US population according to census predictions. Some bemoan that 'we' will be the minority but math doesn't work that way unless you consider the composite 51% as a unified 'them'. As our extended family is such a melting pot: various Northern European groups, Eastern European, Jewish, Arab, Native American, African American, Asian...I hope that race becomes far less important. Still on checklists, Maya is considered "African American " even though her mother is not.
I am waiting for it to rain, which it has not in about a week. This time, there is a 80% chance. It is hot and humid again . I do not do well in heat.
Last night, Shanna had a small family gathering for Daniel's birthday. Her mother-in-law is quite the gardener and has many flowers I don't have. We will set up a trade soon. I harvested a bunch of orange cosmos seeds today to distribute.
Julie is out of town so I will go over tonight to help Josh. Steve will be with Shanna's kids.

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Elephant's Child said...

Love those cupcakes.
I have found myself thinking that the sooner we realise the world is a community the better. Only us, no them. A dream I know...


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