Sunday, August 30, 2015

Frogs and Joy

what to do with a junker truck? Turn it into a flower basket.

rose paperweight

these photos were covered in grime and thus were 50 cents for the 2 of them
hand made tile from Ecuador
We watched Allie yesterday. She is speaking more and more and learns very quickly. Her hair is growing in back but still needs more in front. She will turn 2 in a month. She says she wants her own purse for a present. Below is her daddy at 17 months When she smiles, she looks so much like him
dinosaur lurking through the trees
So we have at least 2 frogs in our little pond
Look at the gold in his eyes and tympanic membrane

Most of our swallows have left to journey south. The pretty birds, cardinals and purple finches, have lost their breeding colors and now are dull. The hummingbirds will leave in a month. Fall is almost here. But we have frogs though I haven't heard them over the cicadas.
Joy is the name of the dirt road fairly close to our house. A neighborhood off it abuts our neighborhood. If only I could find the magic passage connecting the neighborhoods, I would have a less buggy place to run. As it is hard packed clay and has only minor hills (going down a steep pot holey road scares me), I've been biking on it a lot and some of the adjoining roads. I skipped them today as they were wet from last night's rain and wet clay can be slippery. I needed to bike the other day during rush hour so I went on Joy. No cars but I saw fields full of cranes.
My grandfather used to take me on his house calls years ago even before we moved to Michigan. Two roads that I remember: Stone School for its funny name and Joy as I had a good friend with the same name. The road he lived on also had a strange name: Underdown.
According to the surgeon, I won't be able to do anything heavy duty with my arms (he gave vacuuming as an example) for 3 weeks, no jostling, and no raising the heartbeat too much (though I can not figure out why) If the roads are still snow free, if I ride in low gear in the flats,, I think my heartbeat won't go up too much. I will have decorated for Xmas by the surgery date.
Back to making a photobook today with a coupon that expires tomorrow. What to focus on? Vacations? Grandbabies? Flora and fauna?

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Elephant's Child said...

Frogs are a wonderful sign of the 'health' of an area. And I do love their call.
No vacuuming? Be still my jealous heart.


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