Thursday, August 6, 2015

Seattle scenes

The brothers arm wrestle. Despite numerous medical challenges, the younger brother wins though I think he used positional advantage

Bingo night. I missed this. Apparently it was confusing as the Bingo people had their own language. It wasn't about just making straight lines
Nice Italian dinner. We ate early to accommodate Steve's mom and also to ensure a parking spot since we need two spaces with the megavan I had this very tasty tomoo and pancetta pasta. Love bacon.


Green Lake is about 2 miles away from my SIL's current house. Once she lived right next to it. Even when she lived far away, I found myself there. It is about 3 miles around. Over the many times I've been there, I've run around it many times though now my loops take much longer. She has a 'Boot Camp' on its shores at 6 am every morning. I'd run around until she was done

Boot camp on Green Lakes shores

Yeah we went here. These stores have become legal in the past year though you have to take its products home unlike Amsterdam. So these stores are only in 2 states: Colorado and Washington. Some states, including Michigan, have the products for medical use only but make the products hard to buy except illegally. How do I feel about this? Probably safer than alcohol but I have observed ambition and drive sucked away with its use. But better to have controlled stuff not laced with God knows what

My sister in law (the Brooklyn one as opposed to the Seattle one) made this plum and avocado salad with cilantro dressing. Tasty though the plums were not ripe. This was before I noticed the plum tree full of ripe fruit on the property. When I went to pick plums, I saw 2 peach trees that no one had seen before full of juicy fruit which I later converted to pie.
Seattle is very supportive of bikes with racks like these and many bike lanes. What stops it from being a bicyclists' paradise is its many steep hills

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Elephant's Child said...

Do brothers ever get over jostling for dominance? Not in my family.
Some beautiful scenes. I hope you are all having a wonderful time.


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