Sunday, August 23, 2015


Buckingham Fountain

Navy Pier

 The first 4 photos are from Naomi who texted me often yesterday as she was by herself in a big city. Plus my distraught friend trying to help her sister kept messaging me for advice and to vent. Between the two of them, my phone was constantly going off.

A new bird for me this morning that I spotted on my bike ride: a belted kingfisher on a wire poised over a stream just a half mile from my house. As I screeched to a stop to take its photo, it flew away. So close.

Very nice weather. If summer could just stay like this though we are about to be stormed upon. Good because I was too lazy to water my new plantings at the other house. According to our Showing Time app, someone saw the house today, hopefully the promising couple.

Shanna brought the kids over followed by Josh and Allie. Allie and Tess enjoy playing together riding the little tyke cars up and down the driveway. Tess has mastered the ziggle but Allie hasn't figured it out yet.

New treat: salted caramel bread pudding from Trader Joe's. We snacked on this all afternoon until it disappeared. Even the grandbabies likes it especially with whipped cream.

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Fingers crossed on the viewing.


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