Saturday, August 15, 2015

Pig roast

paper cranes in the Cancer Center You are to take one crane for each treatment then make a mobile to remember (!?!) your experience

Our charge this morning. Josh is away canoeing the boundary waters in Minnesota/Canada and Julie needed a break
garage sale dish

I woke up bright and early yesterday to take my friend to her chemo. She is too weak to drive. She is not being treated at the same hospital as I was. The hospital is much smaller but those being treated are all crowded into a relatively small room. About zero privacy. Personal questions are asked with quite a large audience. The infusion room brought back sad memories; puffy, pale bald people who looked miserable.
The baby swallows are now out of the nest but not strong enough to fly very far. The parents still feed them. At least they aren't making such a big mess on our porch anymore. Why do hummingbirds expend so much energy guarding their territories? They spend more time chasing other hummers from the feeders than feeding themselves.
We relieved Julie this morning of Allie tending. Allie is making three word sentences but so far, leaves out verbs. She will be 2 in 6 weeks. Then another stop at the old house to water as the promised rain never came. We have 3 viewings this weekend plus another person who is interested but my hopes have been dashed too many times.
Then a drive across the state where it is even hotter to my ex-colleague's  pig roast. He served his homemade cider and beer also. It was interesting to talk to chemists once again. One man wrote a book I frequently used as a reference when I was working.
I will harvest my first tomato tomorrow. Yay.

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Elephant's Child said...

Do you need reminders of the treatment? I wouldn't have thought they were necessary.
I like the lightest and freedom of origami cranes though.
I hope your friend's treatment goes well.
And good luck with the viewings...


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