Sunday, August 16, 2015


my tomato crop so far. Hopefully will have more next week
my niece is in Hawaii attending a wedding. The guests climbed this volcano on rickety stairs 
from the top: I might go up it but I would never go down

record number of blooms on tropical hibiscus (9!)   5 of the 6 hardy hibiscus now are growing but I doubt I will have flowers this year. I was told the flowers probably are white
succulent bunny garden with cleome, nicotina  and delphinium in background
sunflowers and orange cosmos hiding my vegetable garden
I forgot what they are called. I have them in white and lilac too

She-Devil is a novel and the name of two movies (British version is much better than the American one starring Roxanne Barr) about an abused housewife who manages to channel her rage to transform into a she-devil with special powers of revenge. During the transformation, her eyes glow red creeping out one of my daughters who was watching this with me.. I look like a she-devil now with the whites of one of my eyes (my good eye at that) totally red. No it is not pinkeye. It does not hurt or exude junk nor do I ever get it despite being exposed to others who do, notably my husband who could theoretically spread it by using my pillowcase. I assume I broke a blood vessel in my sleep (possibly by those ear buds that slip out in my sleep as I listen or fall asleep to podcasts). I look hideous. I need to see the ophthalmologist soon about dealing with my cataracts. I guess this can be dealt with then if it does not go away on its own.
A missed photo  opportunity.  A doe stood in the mist close to the road as the sun was coming up but she bolted when I stopped. It was cool and foggy during most of my bike ride but now it is hot and humid. Little chimes kept going off during my ride. More viewings; viewing cancellations. Back and forth. I don't know how many viewings we have today. 3? And one yesterday. Steve went to make sure the house is air-conditioned. Bonus: they won't be able to hear the road behind.
I spent an hour in the heat dead heading, weeding and fertilizing. Now all is being watered and I will relax.

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Elephant's Child said...

I had a friend who quite regularly burst a blood vessel in her eye. Looked, as you say, dreadful, but passed off fairly quickly.
Love your garden. Good luck with the viewings. It must end soon. Surely.


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