Monday, August 17, 2015

Six months

sunrise this morning through the mist. I was late to get my camera out as the sky was beet red just a few minutes before

walking stick on window
sadly the only indigo bunting I have a photo of. I've seen a few when I was out and about this summer but never in my yard This is a juvenile so his beautiful feathers never got a chance to come completely in

A bit more than 6 months ago, we moved to this house. In some ways, it has seemed like a long  time. We have spent 3 months fixing up the old place and another 3 months trying to sell it. Most of our 4 viewers over the weekend didn't like trilevels (why is this a surprise) but one did like it but has a house to sell. Will our lazy realtor follow up? Boy I wish we never hired her.
I've been doing miscellaneous small jobs. Pruned the new hibiscuses, hung up some of the art glass, got an appointment for my eyes (not for a month!!)
Josh is back from a week long canoe trip surviving on pike and walleye
We have a frog living in our pond. At first all I heard was the splash thinking it was another suicidal chipmunk but then it surfaced. The pump just died or maybe the circuit breaker tripped. Need to figure this out.
Too hot and humid to enjoy outside though I was out early this morning running and biking. I came back very sweaty. Come on, cold front.

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Elephant's Child said...

What a spectacular dawn.
Sad about the bunting. A beautiful thing.


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