Friday, August 21, 2015

Cosmos, Orioles and Talking Statues

My stylized cat and iris lithograph. It was covered in dirt but there was an easy fix for that.
We once had a cat, Sasha, who looked very much like the drawing. He lived to be 22.

I bought this for the frame and matting. Not sure if it's a photograph or lithograph Will look nice in one of the bathrooms
one of the glass pieces we bought in Washington

I hit the resale shops yesterday looking for small ornate mirrors for a project. Found none but did find some picture frames and the two prints above. They also had a nice marble table with ornate wrought iron legs that I was undecided about. I sent Steve to fetch it today but alas, it was gone. Then off to a visit with one friend and then on to a visit with another where we sipped cosmos while watching the antics of several pairs of orioles on her property.
Naomi is off on her first vacation in a long time and first one without me. At some point, she will be by herself in downtown Chicago. I did equip her with a map though she has been there with me several times. There are numerous statues throughout the city but these have a new twist: if you scan a bar code with a smartphone, they will speak to you in the voices of several well known actors. We will see how many she can find.
So cool and dry, perfect for me the heat hater. On my 16 mile bike ride this morning, I stopped to take a picture. No phone! Good thing I didn't have a flat. Later I went to the Italian market with a friend for lunch and to buy some goodies.

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Love the cat and the iris.


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