Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Six years of Daniel

The sign the special care nursery made for Daniel where he spent his first 8 days learning how to breathe

Biggest preemie: 6 weeks early but still the size of an average newborn
Handsome dude he is today minus a couple of incisors
Big brother

little sister

Most of the photos are from Shanna's birthday present photoshoot. I am thwarted by converting them to enlargements by Costco's site being down. I will give them a week to fix it before having to go down there in person.

 From a fragile newborn struggling to breathe with his lungs full of fluid to a healthy, bright, curious boy. It is has been fun watching him grow. Daniel will have a birthday party later today. What do 6 year old boys want besides games for their screens? Still loves Star Wars and now likes those minions. We will not disappoint.

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Elephant's Child said...

I always love to hear happy stories. And see happy faces. Thank you. And a happy birthday to Daniel.


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