Saturday, August 22, 2015

The Missing Primary

fuzzy skyline shot by Naomi

Naomi a zillion stories up in the Sears Tower. Don't like her expression but love the kid's next to her

a long way down
the Cloud at Millennium  Park
Craft fair I biked to this morning Bought a handmade necklace from a sweet old lady named Muriel. This is one name that did not come back. Also got a molten in the sun brownie. Very tasty. I suggested she move the brownies out of the sun
Salem Stone school where the fair was at

Sometimes one is diagnosed with breast cancer only when it has spread all over the place with no sign of a lump in the breast. A childhood friend's younger sister was recently misdiagnosed with lung cancer by a local yokel doctor. When a tumor pressing upon her spine made it difficult to walk, sit, lie down, live...she decided to go to a cancer center,  MD Anderson in Texas to see what was really going on and discovered that she does not have lung cancer but breast cancer mets in her lungs and her bones. They are using radiation to shrink the largest, most distressing tumors. My friend asked me what hopeful things she can tell her sister. Only they can keep extending her life until they can't and new things pop up all the time.
My friend had 5 younger siblings, the youngest of whom I babysat for when I was 11 and he was a 5 pound newborn. Cloth diapers used to be 4 foot squares that you folded repeatedly until they were the right size making it thicker in front for boys. I was told that the cloth could not touch his cord (never had seen one before, my brother's must have fallen off in the hospital) making my task more complicated. He was so tiny. Then I had to stick safety pins through about 12 layers of fabric. No wonder babies were toilet trained so early in the 50s and 60s. Very motivated parents.
I only remember the woman with cancer as an adorable little girl 7 years younger than myself. In my mind, she is pretty little  giggling 4 year old not  as an engineer in her mid-fifties and a mother to 2 teenagers.
I have been hearing roosters crowing. Steve can't hear them (as he is deaf! and won't wear his hearing aids) and assumes it is my imagination. But I found one of the roosters running loose on my running route today crowing for his flock I think he is a Rhode Island  Red (my friend had them until a raccoon  wiped them all out). The flock must contain another rooster who was answering his crows but he was too stupid to go towards the crowing. Flocks should not contain more than one rooster. Maybe the flock kicked him out. After my run, off on a short bike ride to buy my necklace and eat my messy brownie. Then a trip to the old house to plant extra hostas in the space that the shed used to be  while Steve mowed the lawn. While I was there, a young woman stopped by wanting to see the house. So I gave a tour. She seemed really interested in buying it and presumably will come back with her family and Realtor. So here's hoping. Over the last 2 days, we had 4 viewings but still no offers.

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Elephant's Child said...

That is one crowded skyline. Too crowded for me to be comfortable.
Cancer touches too many of us. Uninvited, unwelcome, persistent...


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