Saturday, August 1, 2015


Steve's new toy: a fish eye lens. My garden room: theme? flowers

one of my succulent gardens

park that Shanna's family had a photo shoot at. We needed an overcast sky, which happened about 25% of the time
Shanna's family and the photographer
clear water

Later ice cream at the Dairy-Go-Round

For Shanna's birthday, I got her a photoshoot wth the photographer that did a photoshoot of Josh's family. The photographer's brother-in-law was one of the 4 boys I used to take on my 6 day bike rides. At one point, a bystander asked me if all the boys were mine.
Well this week they are but only one am I responsible for the rest of the time.
I had them guess when they wondered which one was my son. The photograher's BIL was their first guess. My kids are lucky to look like their father though Naomi really doesn't look like anyone. She does have her dad's build.
We took them to a park that was about 15 miles away but construction made the trip an ordeal. I came along as a Sherpa and hair comber but the strong wind undid any feeble efforts on my part. How to get 3 antsy kids to look the same way smiling at the same time. Big complication: although Oliver has a nice smile, he can not elicit it on command. His smile looks very forced and cheesy. Hopefully some non cheesy smiles can be found. The other kids can smile naturally but will look in all sorts of directions. Tessa by far is the easiest.
The last few days have been cooler and dry; fairly nice for exercising. A good friend came over yesterday for a Happy Hour of sorts on my patio. Nice to have company.


Elephant's Child said...

Some day I will upgrade my camera. When I do a fisheye is on my wish list.
Love your garden room, and that park. Such a soothing place.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

He got the fisheye to do panoramas. We will be in the mountains next week in the NW.


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