Thursday, August 20, 2015


Four years ago today, Naomi got married

of course it didn't last. She met her ex-husband when she was 17. Too young to make a life long decision. Josh's 9th anniversary to his ex-wife was the day before. They also met at 17...

BIL's camping site somewhere in the North Cascades

BIL checking his phone on top of a mountain

Niece on top of mountain in Hawaii
Allie and granddog Sunny

Josh's camping site in the Boundary Waters, Minnesota
My yard last night
today's harvest. Tomatoes and basil already turned into a  Caprese salad
different color sunflower

volcano rock with barnacles at low tide  Larrabee St. Pk Northern Washington

Finally a cool day. While others shiver, I am comfortable. I didn't even hear the big rain though I see one inch deep puddles in various containers I left outside. But now, wind and cool. It would have been great for a run but he dirt roads were still saturated from the deluge and I was mired in mud part of the time. But the breeze keep the biting flies away so yay for that.
While Steve left to take care of Shanna's kids while she had a rare night out, I went to Josh's during rush hour. I avoid the main road as it a parking lot but I was annoyed to find both of my alternate routes are closed due to construction. Yet another road even further out of the way.
After Josh's divorce, they shared custody of Sunny, the German Shepherd but driving her back and forth became too cumbersome so Josh relinquished her agreeing to take care of her during vacations so she wouldn't need to be kenneled. She came back last night for the first time since the beginning of the year. A joyous reunion. But no one had brushed Sunny for months so an hour was spent brushing her matted hair leaving enough bags of fur to make a new dog. Allie was happy to see Sunny too though Sunny isn't a fan of toddlers. Due to our vacations, I hadn't seen Josh in a while so it was fun catching up. Up in the Boundary Waters, there is no artificial light for miles. His stay corresponded with a new moon and the Peresids. He probably saw more meteors in the few hours observing than I have during my entire life.
With the rain coming and going and the sun peaking out. The drive home was beautiful complete with rainbows. Should have stopped. No rainbows back at home but without being closely surrounded by big trees, I can see much more sky where I live now.
What about that helicopter landing in my yard? It keeps being delayed. I am thinking it is too windy for it to happen tonight. ( I will be texted before it happens). I won't be here anyway as I am visiting a friend. And before that, a visit to various resale shops for my potential mirror collage.

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Elephant's Child said...

I grew up with German Shepherds and learned to walk hauling myself up on the dog's tail. I teethed on his ears too. Poor dog. I have a very soft spot for them.


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