Saturday, December 1, 2012


Above: various cellphone pix of the grandkids over the last few days. The blue and green blanket Tess is sitting on, I made for Josh when he was an infant.

Our neighborhood has a large Asian population. While the parents work, the grandparents take care of the kids. Many of the grandparents do not speak English. Since many of them believe that fresh air does a child good, I encounter them, no matter how cold it is, while I run. There is this one Asian lady I run into almost daily. Her grandchildren must be school aged as she is free to explore the neighborhood by herself. If she sees me coming, she will swing her arms in the same exaggerated manner that I do. I thought she was making fun of me. Yesterday, she was outside of my house while I was finishing up. She gave me many positive gestures (no English) so I guess she really wasn't making fun of me, just acknowledging me.

We now have a brief warm period. Yay! Mom's group tonight. I bought pears several days ago in anticipation but alas, they did not ripen enough.

Again I have a deadline to finish a photobook. I buy these Groupon deals several months in advance thinking I have all the time in the world but soon I get a message saying I have 3 days left and then I scramble.

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