Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Last Blog

The danger of reading cancer blogs is that you become attached to people you never met in person and then they disappear. Yesterday I read the last blog of a brave young woman. After years of fighting Stage 4 BC, she has decided to live the last moments without doctor's appointments. You might have seen Bridget as she is featured on Susan Komen ads on TV. She was diagnosed when she was only 21. She will not live to see her 30th birthday. (from How does one live when life has been so unfair? This is her answer:
My story scares people, especially fellow cancer patients. I am the worst case scenario.

I was diagnosed way late. By the time someone sent me for a mammogram five years ago, the cancer had traveled from my breast to my liver. One doctor gave me a 16% chance of celebrating my 30th birthday. Over the past five years, I have had three recurrences and 5 surgeries. I have been on nine different types of drugs. My cancer just won't quit. The doctors can sometimes be quite grim about my "prognosis"

But I am living well. I am living fully. I am happy. I am one of the happiest people I know. I just got married in August (best wedding ever!!) and some days I call my husband in the middle of the day to just thank him for the amazing life that we have made together. I created a song that I sing (way off tune!) while cooking dinner about how much I love my little life. I think these facts can help people, even though my situation might scare you.

It is this happiness that keeps me motivated when life isn't very happy. This day to day happiness makes me a fighter.

Yesterday our big snow came. We haven't had significant snow in 2 years. I got Oliver a sledding board the shape of a penguin for X-mas. Maybe we will use it on the local sledding hill 2 blocks from my house. I have a sled suitable for babies too in my garage. Maybe I will try to X-country ski. I used to do it all the time but with my balance and greater fear of falling, the skis haven't gotten too much use lately (also no snow last year).

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