Monday, December 31, 2012

Highs and lows of 2012

Grandbabies: Miss Tess blessed us with her arrival this March. Such a calm, happy baby! And for an extra blessing, I can see her almost any time that I want as she and her brothers now live in Michigan. No more 760 mile trips across occasionally icy terrain.. My grandbabies in general are a joy. It is so much fun watching them discover the world.
My children: Ramy was able to find a job in Michigan that pays more than what he had in Massachusetts. Late 2011 was a scary time for them. Just after they bought a house in Arlington, his contract ended without warning. And Shanna was pregnant. Not good. But it all worked out in the end for the better. They re having a house built that should be completed in a few months. Josh's job is going great though he seems to be working around the clock.
My health: The scary cancer did not come back. And as time goes by, the chances that it will become more remote. I am still dealing with a few minor issues but they are very minor. I am able to run, however poorly and bicycle for miles. Between running and biking, this body managed to travel more than 2800 miles this year.
My friends: Love them. They keep me amused.
My husband: Yeah we are very different people but we manage to make things work. I feel loved.
Travels: Covered the other day.
The world didn't end:

Divorces in the works: Think back to when you were 18. Would you have considered being married to your boyfriend (or girlfriend) you had then? I remember visiting the boyfriend I had when I was 18 about 15 years later. All I kept thinking, Stupid 18 year old Sue, What were you thinking? And in general, I was quite cautious but he clearly was not a winner. Josh and Julia have been together since they were 17. People change in 13 years and not always for the better. I don't worry too much about Josh. He will emerge from this happy. Naomi is another story though. Lots of stuff to work out.
Falling apart house: This is minor and theoretically fixable but where do we start? Do we just bail and start over somewhere else? Too many decisions to be made.

Today will be the warmest day in a 2 week period. It gasp! went above freezing. I have been able to run but I have to run gingerly as there are patches of ice all over the place and the amount of semi-clear paths is relatively short. I am eagerly awaiting warmer weather. Can't dare hope for the mild winter we had last year.

I've been baking today. First a pecan pie. Steve doesn't care for sweets in general but loves two things: cherry pie and pecan pie. So that was for him. For me and whomever chooses to visit me: a chocolate pear clafouti. A clafouti is a cross between a flan and a torte. It usually is made with cherries though I was recently watching a Julia Childs episode in which she made it with apricots. This recipe I found this weekend called for Comice pears.  I couldn't find them. I am making do with Boscs, a pear that a recent NYT article rated as The Best. As it turns out, they are NOT the best for cooking as they never cook down. Also the recipe called for Pear Brandy. What I have on hand: Mirabelle Eau de Vie. What is that you might ask?  Mirabelles are yellow plums that grow in Alsace where I bought this stuff. Haven't tasted this concoction yet.
The chocolate clafouti

Happy New Year!!!!

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