Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Back in 1978

Steve and me. Hate my glasses, Hate the shirt

Our first house. We bought it as it was so cute and full of windows. However, too small once we had Josh and very impractical.

Marrimekko prints were in then. You can barely make out our kitty.

Well at least Steve is cute

Me and my co-op friends. The woman and I are still very close. I haven't seen the man in ten years but we occsasionally speak.

Bandit the husky and the kitty who loved to sleep next to him. Usually she was up against his belly She was a very small cat never weighing more than 5 pounds but loved to attack rabbits that out weighed her.
It turns out we had boxes and boxes of slides. We don't remember taking these pictures or looking at them once they were developed. Why did we take slides in the first place. Cheaper? Faster film? Maybe we had a slide projector, I can't even remember....

Today all the grand kids were here. They went to the story time at the local library where I ran into one of the Moms who used to be in our group but left after 8 years. As Josh is good friends with her daughter, I pretty much knew what was going on in her life but it was fun meeting her granddaughters from each of her kids.

 A  friend from my college co-op owned a house on Blue Mountain Lake in the Adrirondacks that we went to several times. Here we are on a Sunfish

And Josh took a day off and spent part of it in the chaos at our house. The grandbabies love him as he gives them all kids of rides. Fun to watch them all laugh.

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Teri Bernstein said...

We all had glasses like that. Even Hillary Clinton. And the unnamed male from co-op years. I love these pics...


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