Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Gloaming

The gloaming is the quiet time right before sunrise and right after sunset. All is quiet and dark. I waited most of the morning for the fog to lift but it did not. I took my bike out anyway sure that sooner or later the fog would lift. I did not go on my main roads as visibility was so poor and I have no flashing lights. I went on a favorite dirt road covered with slip. If you ever took a pottery class, you'd know what slip is; a mix of water and clay. It is slippery. The decaying coating on my glasses(relief should be soon) did nothing to deter my lenses fogging. Although it was light out, with all the fog and the stuff on my glasses, I was essentially in the dark. I rode from memory hoping that I would not hit the big potholes. It was warm out (December now!!!) so I was comfortable. Travelling with only being able to make out shadows seemed so surreal.

I was obsessing again for little reason. According to a tracking code, my photobook had been delivered Sunday to my house my the US Postal Service. On a Sunday? At the time listed, both Steve and I were home but no book. FedEx was responsible for the original shipment. I called them to say that no I didn't get the delivery but they were useless. They said I needed to give them the delivery label, which I didn't have as I didn't receive the delivery. I had seen a USPS truck out on my street that day so they do deliver on Sunday (FedEx said they did not despite what the tracking said). Right after my bike ride, a neighbor came with my book from 2 blocks away. Her address is one digit different. Our dyslexic postman has given me her mail in the past. So all that fuming about nothing. I had been afraid that the book was delivered to those kids next door who would have just thrown it away.

Hope was back at the yoga class after being gone for a month. I had worried about her but now I have a way to contact her. She will have 2 baby girls in late March. She had left to be able to watch the ultrasound that told them that. Since they had so much trouble pinning down Maya's sex, I figured it would be more difficult with 2 babies blocking the view of each other. How many stage 4 BC patients are expecting twins? Her babies are being carried by a surrogate. 

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