Friday, December 14, 2012

Baby Boot Camp Redux

Just how hard is it to take care of a non-verbal two year old that won't sit still for a second? Well Josh is finding out. He's got Ms. Maya for the weekend though the mom will show up in the late nights. He also has help.
So far I've received a few texts
She's real, real active

Hope she'll go to sleep soon

Hope the whole experience won't discourage him from having his own though he could always say..
my kid will be different.

Our 35th anniversary was nice. Steve is so sweet; he made a photobook of our lives together. We had a nice Italian dinner where I had especially tasty scallops.

Today  attempted to make the house somewhat presentable for our Mom's Holiday Brunch here tomorrow. I ended up entertaining grandkids. At one point or at a couple of points, I had Oliver run back and forth up and down the block to siphon off some of his considerable energy. Didn't work. It has been sunny and calm. I was even able to bike..latest ever in the year.                                          

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