Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Soy veh!

Soy was the topic of our Cooking for Surviving  class tonight. The best dish? A Chinese Holiday Delight dish full of edamame, shiitake mushrooms, corn, dried cherries, red pepper and ginger. Very colorful and tasty.

So if you have had ER+ breast cancer, should you eat soy, which is full of phytoestrogens? Current thinking is yes. Asian people generally eat 10 times the amount of soy as Americans yet have much lower BC cancer rates. On the other hand, they also eat very little fat and hormone infested meat  and eat more vegetables which could contribute to   their lower rate too.

Recent research shows that isoflavones (estrogen like substance in soy) did NOT increase breast density in postmenopausal women. Estrogens (like those found in birth control pills and hormone replacement, even the so-called  bioidentical kind) do increase it. In general dense breasts are linked to a higher risk of BC.

One 'positive' of having hormone negative BC is that I don't have to worry about such issues. Also not having to take hormone depletors is definitely a blessing.

A clear, cold day. I don't mind the cold when there is no wind or moisture. My new glasses finally came in so now I can see clearly.   I am still angry about how fast my last pair's coating fell apart.

Tomorrow: Our 35th wedding anniversary. Can you believe it?

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Teri Bernstein said...

OMG...your 35th wedding anniversary. No, I can't believe, but I guess I can do the must be right. BTW...I think the coating on glasses has been changed. It is a disaster on my last two pairs, but it used to be great. "Out, out, dam-ned spot! What! Will these glasses ne'er be clean?" I hate these new coatings.


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