Monday, December 17, 2012

Adam Lanza is Legion

Percolating through the internet is the heartbreaking blog post I am Adam Lanza's mother ( No she is not the actual mom as the real mom is dead but a mother of a child who shares many scary tendencies with Adam. Her child is only 13 but she can see a situation like the Newtown shootings happening in the future with her child. Sometimes he is as sweet as can be but other times, he is a scary monster that needs to be hospitalized. She has resources and insurance but adequate help for her son is slow in coming. And one can not lock someone up just because they seem like they could be dangerous.

What shocks me is some of the comments people left on her blog basically blaming her for having such a scary kid. The kid isn't perfect; the mother must be at fault.

One comment left pointed out that all these mass killers seem to be white boys (the Korean-American excepted who did the massacre at Virginia Tech). At the first sign of violence, an African-American boy is sent through the 'system' and rarely gets out.

On the same day as the Newtown Massacre, a similar massacre was stopped in Oklahoma. A fellow student overheard a scary conversation and sought help. I am afraid of copycat killers.

I am wondering why Adam Lanza's mother felt the need for weapons. Did they share a genetic fascination or did she think that she may need to defend herself from her own child? I am not one for blaming the mother for their mentally ill children but in this case, if you have a strange, asocial child who hates everybody, don't give him ready access to weapons.

A few month's ago, I watched A Beautiful Boy, the heart-rending tale of parents dealing with the aftermath after their 19 year old son went on a shooting spree at his university. Reporters wanted to know: what kind of awful parents raised such a monster? They knew he was strange but they could not have predicted this.

Yeah, hunters need guns to hunt; but there should be no reason that anyone needs a semi-automatic rifle not even to defend oneself from 'intruders'. Do these massacres happen  in countries with strict gun control? Yes but on a much smaller scale.

While it is snowless and calm, I am running and biking. Yesterday I had lunch with Josh. I am so lucky to have a son like him as well as my daughters though one of them is still a work in progress. But the worries I have aren't nearly on the scale as those of Adam Lanza's mother.

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