Thursday, December 13, 2012

Thirty-five years

Steve and I: 35 years ago

Poor Steve: I must be squishing him though I really didn't weigh so much in those days

My brother, mom , and my father

Me making the wedding dinner
I can't find my original wedding pictures. These are scans of negatives that had not been preserved very well.

We certainly didn't have a fancy wedding  such as those that we gave our kids. I wore a prom dress and cooked most of the food myself. My professor's friend married us. I had wanted my professor, a dear man whose lab I ran for 2 years to marry us himself but he had let his license lapse. We were married in a Shriner's Hall with the barest of decorations. My step-grandmother donated a cake and rented real dishes once she found out that I was going to use paper plates. I was not one for being given away and walking down an aisle any way. I do not have a diamond ring, just a simple gold band though we had an artist make them. My aunt looked sadly at my ring and said that maybe, when we are more established, we could save up for a diamond. This never happened. We had just bought a house.

So through thick and thin, all thin on Steve's part, we've stayed together. Through sickness and health, mainly health we have prospered. We are rich with love, children and grandchildren. We are very different people, as opposite as can be, but we still have managed to make this work.

I am so happy that I met him.

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Holly said...

fantastic pix and a wonderful love story!!


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