Monday, December 10, 2012

Stay-at-home Grandmom

I wasn't a stay-at-home mom but now I am a stay-at-home grandmom. I had Ms. Maya for the day and will have her a few more days this week.

First stop: therapy class. She takes this class twice a week with 4 teachers for the 4 students. Although she is making progress, Maya is now about a year behind in spoken language though almost at age level for receptive language. They no longer encourage sign language, which she had become adept in. She has a much easier time mimicking gestures than speech. The part I hate the most is when young women who never have had children tell me how to raise children despite the fact that I have raised 3 children  more or less successfully (if you use the Roseanne Barr ruler of mother competency At the end of the day when they are still breathing, I know I did my job). I really dislike the Blame the mother culture for any shortcomings of a child. Yeah I am not the mother in this case, just the mother of the mother but I still feel the blame. Who lets a 18 year become pregnant?

I think somewhere in my gene pool is a part of the brain that can't interpret sounds  correctly
starting with my mother who had major fluency and pronunciation issues. I was presumably a late talker and still have trouble remembering and producing certain sounds. I have worked hard to overcome this shortcoming as I find it very embarrassing.Sounds were coming out of Josh's mouth from day on, but were they words? All gibberish. He had his own language and it took a year of speech therapy to make him understandable. Shanna and Naomi spoke clearly and early yet each have a child with speech difficulties. Note to Josh: don't give your potential child a name with 'l's or 'r's.

Some people judge a person's intelligence by how fluent they are. Well despite Josh and my problems, we did  well in school. Josh graduated with honors from an engineering school and is asked to present at high levels often within his large corporation.

Then I took Maya to pick up my glasses, which I assumed were plural as I order two pair, but no, only the reading/computer glasses came in. Shopping with an antsy 2 year old is no picnic.

Maya was not impressed with the tree though she does like our neighbor's light display.

Then to Breast Cancer yoga. How I miss Momma Sunshine! This one has us  balancing for too long swinging our arms every which way. Tiring and making me dizzy. I want gentle stretching and restorative postures. She is very sweet and means well just does not know her audience yet. I do come for my cancer peeps. I've grown attached to some of them.

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