Friday, December 28, 2012

Let's get organized

With all this time on my hands, I should have perfectly organized closets, photos, drawers, computer screen, right? And I don't have my garden right now to distract me.

Yesterday I put a small dent in the chaos. Apparently Josh was embarrassed about my silverware collection (rather my stainless steel collection: I rarely use the 'good' silver), a mixture of maybe 4 sets of unmatching utensils. So my X-mas gift from him was a complete set that probably was not cheap. I redid the whole silverware drawer, which frankly was rather disgusting. Then I tackled the pantry which had some boxes of stuff so old that flour moths had drilled holes into the cardboard. Out with all that. Out with outdated jars of who knows what in the refrigerator. I also thoroughly cleaned the pantry shelves along with the contents of the silverware drawer. Still to tackle: my many junk drawers.

Then back to winnowing down all my father's slides.  I had done a good deal of this already but then new boxes arrived. I kept maybe a tenth of the total. This time however Steve was home. He pulled some stuff out of the trash. How could you throw this away? Well we have 50 copies of it. He retrieved many of the photos. So much for that.

What we really should be doing is hanging things up. I have made several canvas prints that are just laying against a wall. We also have numerous framed pictures that are all stacked up. It's not that we are lacking for wall space.

Shanna and the kids did not come yesterday as they had colds. Too bad. It would have been a beautiful day for sledding. Not too cold, sunny, and calm. Between the 2 snowfalls, we have close to 9 inches of snow. The sledding hill near us was packed, probably too busy for little kids. I've been able to run for the past few days but it hasn't always been pleasant. Today was very cold and all the melted snow from the day before left ice on my path. Yesterday Josh came to visit us. He is working overtime on some project.

Today Shanna's family had recovered enough to visit but it was too cold and icy for sledding.

I am not sure how things have gotten so disorganized. Yes we were really stretched for time when we were working and dealing with kids in travel sports. We really didn't have much spare time. And then I had my mother to take care of for several years along with a very messy estate left from my father that involved stressful court appearances. And for the 8 months or so I was dealing with cancer, I went into hibernation mode. I didn't even cook anything much less clean up the mess left from 25 years of neglect.

Sometimes I am just too overwhelmed thinking how much needs to be done that I end up doing nothing. I am trying to tackle it now bit by bit.

We did get some of our old slides organized:

Brothers: from 1982? The ones below are Shanna when she was 3

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Holly said...

i hear you, i hear you! part of the disincentive of selling my house is thinking about how much clean out i'll have to do and i've lived here only 10 years!!


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