Saturday, December 22, 2012

Gift cards

Today on one of those morning shows, they discussed gift cards. Some charge the recipient to use them; others have expiration dates. A few years ago, I received a Lowe's gift card but didn't get around to using it until a year later. Some how it was worth only half its face value by then. At the time, I accepted that but vowed never to go to Lowe's again because what I believed that to be a shady practice. Today I found out that it was also illegal. Usually I don't mention firms by name but I believe they should be outted. Shame on them!!!

Naomi is temporarily a  salesperson in a nation wide chain. Recently she was asked to put a $3 balance of an 'expired' gift card towards a recent purchase. Her cash register/computer would not accept the card and she had no power to override it. The guy insisted that he was right, no gift card can expire in less than 5 years. People were piling up impatiently behind him. She had to get the manager, itself a time consuming process who issued a new $3 card which did go through. Time invested? 45 minutes. But the fault lay with the store faultily programming its cash registers to go against the law. The store ultimately did the right thing but it is sad that its default is to make people fight for what is legal. I will not divulge its name for now.

So each day should become a little longer. Yay!
Fortunately the winds were not as strong as forecasted and there was a narrow ice free path in which to run.

I finally made some Xmas cookies: almond crescents. Very buttery and almondy. I should make something more kid friendly though especially as some of the grandkids have nut allergies.

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Holly said...

I, myself, LOVE almond cresents!!


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