Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Thyme on my hands

Some how I manage to keep busy despite all this time on my hands. What do I have in my herb garden? Thyme, fennel, dill, cilantro, rosemary, chives, and basil. I suppose lavender could be considered an herb too. My mint all died. I am probably the only person in the world who has killed mint. Apparently it likes to be watered.
The other day, I thought I had touched a baby poison ivy. As it is now 4 days past and no rash, I guess it was not. I am now to the point that one touch equals 3 weeks of misery.

I had placed a few leaves of basil on the cauliflower I served at our family dinner the other day. It was greeted with suspicion. The scapes went into my orzo risotto. Our kitchen is getting too small for our family dinners. Steve uses the dining room as his office although we have an office upstairs. I guess that room is considered mine. There would have been 12 of us now at the family dinner if my DIL did not defect. A decision  will be made soon on how to handle that. It just makes me sad.

I have been trying to get into shape for my bicycle ride. Biking takes so much more time than running, which I have been doing too. Today was cool in the morning so I was able to do my long run out in the country.
Over the weekend, I was treated to a wonderful sushi dinner. Yum. And later we sat drinking wine watching the fireflies twinkle. Yep, fireflies. Usually they first appear closer to the beginning of July but everything is happening earlier this year.

My hair now is darker and more shaped. I  made the long trip out into the country yesterday where my hairdresser now does her work. Two new birds for my list just outside her window: a red headed woodpecker and a phoebe though I probably have seen the latter before. It looks like a cross between a sparrow and a tit mouse but its identifying feature is that it likes to shake its tail feathers when perched.

Today's battle is with the credit card company that used to do Northwest Airlines miles. I didn't cancel it because I still had miles on it when the airline was sucked up by Delta. It charges an annual fee which I usually get them to add more miles into my account when I try to cancel. They also let you pay the annual fee with miles. Good but there is a catch. You may be thinking you have paid the annual fee with miles but they take so long to credit your account, you start to accrue late fees. Evil, evil. Why does it take more than a week to credit ones account? Thanks bank deregulation!

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