Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Baby you can drive my car...

The top picture is one of the morning glories I didn't kill. It is growing in between my pavers. Like all kids, Maya likes to pretend to drive, real cars, or her Little Tyke Police cruiser.
Scariest moment: Josh liked to drive too. Some how when he was 3 or so, he managed to get the car in neutral and it coasted into our semi busy street. Fortunately nothing was coming down the road at that moment. Now one has to put a foot on the brake before one can get it out of park. Good idea.

It was the last day of her "Fun at One" class. The first time she took it, she was the youngest. Now she is the oldest at 23 months. The next class? In and Out. The class today had a Sit and Spin. My kids were all champion Sit and Spinners, though Josh called it Pit and Pin. This updated one had buttons for lights and music. Maya didn't get the hang of it. Naomi thought this updated one was a lot smaller. No, you are just a lot bigger. Her favorite part of the class today was the scarf dance. they were to wave multicolored scarves to the music and freeze when the music stopped. She just kept dancing..little dancing fool as she is.

I watched her while Naomi swam laps. I didn't have much time for my bike ride so I tried to go as fast as possible. Then my cooking for survival class: Spices to combat cancer. Yum.

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krisa said...

Maya is so darn cute!


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