Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Great Scapes

What are scapes? Blogger is underlining the word in red as it isn't in its vocabulary. Scapes are garlic stems minus the flowers. Good garlic farmers keep harvesting these stems before they flower so that the plant devotes more of its energy into bulb formation. The scapes themselves taste very garlicky and chopped up, give quite a bit of flavor. We will see what I can do with them for our family dinner tomorrow.

I purchased scapes yesterday from The PrettyGoodGarlic farm, which features 40 kinds of artisanal garlic, owned by former neighbors. The man is a former colleague though I never worked directly with him. The woman is 3 time cancer survivor and nutritionist who has written a famous cookbook for cancer survivors. I have the fifth edition of the thirteen published so far. Somehow our paths have never crossed until yesterday though I have read her blogs. The following is what she has written about Komen.
Basically she believes (as do many) our high fat diet contributes to many of our cancers, particularly breast cancer. To purchase pink buckets of fat-ridden chicken to combat  breast cancer is akin to smoking a particular brand of cigarettes to stamp out lung cancer. She is a delightful person appearing much younger than she is. They invited me to run over to their farm. Well that would be a 14 mile round trip but certainly bikeable.

She had neuroblastoma as a 6 month old which was treated successfully with massive amounts of radiation. She and her parents were worried about the long term consequences. They were warned that secondary cancers could develop. When she was 34, she had breast cancer than had spread to one node. When she was 44, she developed a new breast cancer that had spread to multiple nodes. She had chemo both times but wanted to ensure that she would not have a fourth cancer. What could she do? Live as healthily as possible which included a major overhaul to her diet, which already was fairly healthy by most standards. To sum things up, the diet is very low fat, all organic and lots of fruits and vegetables. It is similar to the one that my cooking class recommends (the instructor and her are good friends).

I've been fairly busy. I went to Maya's It Takes Two to Talk class bright and early yesterday. I was annoyed to find out that the class was missed last week as I failed to remind Naomi. Maya was removed from the class for some additional testing. When the tester switched activities, Maya became upset and pinched the tester. I told Maya that she should not pinch. Later the tester came up to me and told me that I shouldn't tell Maya not to pinch as this just brings attention to her negative behavior and makes her want to repeat it. Just love it when someone without kids and who is younger than my kids, tells me what to do.
Then I went out to lunch and coffee with Shanna. Fun. After my food digested, I went for a run in the drizzle (better than the pouring rain earlier). Then it was time to replenish my cheap book supply at the local elementary's book sale, then the Dixboro Farmer's market where I had my scape episode. Then a visit from Naomi and her family....

I meant to garden more today in the cool weather. But the Farmer's Market was so crowded today, I couldn't walk freely in the aisles. I left without anything. Wednesday morning, I will get up early and buy flowers for my container gardens.

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