Saturday, June 9, 2012


I love Google Earth, particularly the altitude feature. I can see how high up I am running. My house is at 924 feet. The river, about 3 miles away, is at 749 feet. Running back against a north wind can be a pain. At least I am not in its flood plain. The steepest hill that I routinely ran  was the Arb Hill starting at 757 feet and going to 871 feet in less than a mile.
My brother now lives around a half mile away from the ocean. His house is at 376 feet so I imagine that is quite the climb. The moving truck was unable to handle the switchbacks.
Where Shanna lived was only 2 blocks from the Mystic River. It didn't seem such a steep hill either with her being only 21 feet higher. Was she is a flood plain? Allegedly not though Alewife Brook, about  a half mile away flooded often even though it is much smaller than the Mystic River.
The house I lived in New York did get flooded. According to Google Earth, it was 31 feet higher than the nearby river which was surrounded by a fairly high dike. During Hurricane Agnes in 1972, this dike was breached. Hurricane Agnes was the only level 1 hurricane to have its name retired. The rains were the killer, not the winds.
So far, my bike rides this year haven't resulted in much change in elevation, 50 feet at the most. The steepest hills I have biked were in California. In the 7 miles between Santa Ysabel and Julian, I climbed from 2900 feet to 4220 feet. Earlier in the day, I pretty much was at sea level. Going next to the water doesn't guarantee flatness. Approaching La Jolla from the north on PCH 101, one climbs from 18 feet to 440 feet in less than 2 miles (quite the trip flying down that hill). I did that to prepare for my mountain riding. It is even steeper on the interior park road at Torrey Pines Park ( I admit to having to walk part of that but I didn't on the PCH)

And hiking the Cinque Terre trails: It seems to peak out at 550 feet (sea level there is about 16 feet). But sheer drop offs were involved and my lack of balance no thanks to chemo and some wine at lunch made that trip extra interesting (but so pretty!).

So it's my favorite month. There are still some cool days (though not in the near future) and plenty of summer ahead.  I've been busy working my garden. Still it doesn't look as good as I want it too. I love making container gardens the most. Yesterday was devoted to grandbabies. I had the boys and Maya for most of the morning and a good part of the afternoon. Ages: almost 2 , almost 3 and 4. Pure chaos! Then I went to visit my friend's 3 grandbabies who were in town. Fun! I used to babysit their father. How time flies!

Why I was watching the kids? Naomi and Shanna made a trip out into the country to our hairdresser. Fortunately most of Naomi's red hair remains but she wanted blonde streaks. Don't know why young people like to make those kissy lips.


Teri Bernstein said...

Is that a picture of Naomi? It doesn't look like her at all.

Sue in Italia/In the Land Of Cancer said...

Yep it is. I wish she'd leave the hair alone but it's better when she put that dull brown stuff all over it.


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