Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Petunias and lilies

The SW corner of my patio. All the glass glimmers in the setting sun. This however was taken early this morning. This is what I see as I drink my morning coffee. The hummingbirds visit then too.

My new petunias

Along the fence. I used to be able to plant tuberous begonias along this strip. Now the roots from the neighbor's arborvitae make this impossible. The ugly plant in the corner is Steve's papyrus. Not a fan of it.Usually my bags (4) of impatiens are so full this time of year, you can't see the bag. Got a late start this year.

A mess of lilies growing among gooseberries, raspberries and columbine

My hen and chick (or is it a rooster?) is happy to see me. It will grow a few more inches and then get flowers on the tip and then die

My petunias. The Asiatic lilies will die down in a few days but then the day lilies will be in bloom

This is a perennial whose name I forgot. I love the delicate little cups. Next to it are morning glories I haven't killed yet

True gardeners, I have been told, never use annuals. They carefully balance perennials. Although I have some perennials, a lot that came with the house have died due to ignorance and neglect. Someday I will replace them. Until  then, it is mainly annuals for me.

Haven't found my chipmunk. As they do everything so noisily, I thought I would at least hear it. Had all 4 grandbabies this afternoon.

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Teri Bernstein said...

so gorgeous! A living example of your full life !


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