Sunday, June 24, 2012

Solar punch bowl

I bought the solar punch bowl at IKEA to add to my light collection surrounding my patio. We'll see how this works out.

It is finally drizzling. Our grass is so dry. I tried to get up bright and early for my longish bike ride but I was just too tired. The later it is, the more wind and traffic. I am getting stronger. Now I have biked 250 miles, roughly what I need to do in 6 days but I have been biking for about 5 weeks.

I put the odometer on this bike the year Josh did his last ride. He was 15. It has a solar battery. Surprisingly, this thing still works 15 years later. I know it was disconnected for about 3 years. It records the highest speed obtained. I never have cleared it. It was 41.5 mph on a steep downhill near Traverse City on the last day of our ride back in 1997. My road bike record was 46 mph near Central City MI. Scary going that fast.

I am using a mountain bike with semi- bumpy tires.  When I was in shape, the effort to go 15 mph was about what would be 18 mph on a road bike.

We went out to eat at a fancy restaurant last night using a Groupon. Never would  have gone there without one. Then we watched the hummingbirds battle for the feeder until it got dark. I have 2 males this year. Fortunately the dryness means no mosquitoes so we can sit outside without being eaten. The fireflies were out too.

On my ride this morning, I came across twin fawns. So cute.
We met up with Josh for lunch. He is moving on without Julia.
Here's a picture from the web of the punchbowl. The ad in the store showed it full of liquid eerily glowing. Must take my own photo I guess.

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Teri Bernstein said...

picture of a solar punch bowl, please...OH YEAH...I could Google it.


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