Friday, June 22, 2012

Garden Faux Pas

Gardening for me is strictly trial and error. What side of my rock garden most approximates an alpine meadow for my edelweiss? Died after one season in the N sector. Doing fine for 3 years in the S sector.

No more dahlias no matter how pretty they look. They always die, usually in less than a week. Same for lupine and delphinium.

No more giant cosmos. I AM good at growing these with them  reaching a height of 9 feet with numerous blooms. However everything below them dies (except for the impatiens). Also, one strong wind and the one inch thick trunk breaks leaving me with just a stump. I am sticking to the short variety (3 feet tops). They are pretty and hold up to the wind.

No more impatiens except in pots and bags along my patio. They will smother everything too. Same with alyssum. The later keeps coming back in my rock garden wiping out other plants.

No more morning glories unless they are the big blue variety. The small purple ones took over my patio last year to no good effect. I've been killing their seedlings, fortunately easy to identify. I can't tell the difference between snapdragons, petunias, and zinnias until they get big. I have them all over the place too.

I found out the name of my new favorite: Blue Angel (alkanet). Still going strong after almost 2 weeks and they are allegedly perennials.

Today I got a call from Naomi. She was told she had to bid on a job.

How much do I have to pay?


I went to Maya's new class with her: In and out. Some of the time is to be spent on the center's fancy playground. Sharing is so hard. One little boy took a toy out of her hand and she chased him down ready to wreak revenge, usually by pinching. They have circle time in which they sing the same songs each week so the kids will have a routine.

Fortunately the 'cold' front cooled things down to the mid-80s. I did my running  close to noon, not a good time but the cloud cover was my friend. Then biking: I've gone almost 70 miles in the past week. Hopefully I am growing some muscles.
Tonight I will have the boys all night while their parents celebrate their new life in Michigan minus kids. The MIL will have Ms. Tess.

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