Saturday, June 23, 2012

Hot real estate

After the economy being in the doldrums for the past 5 years, things are finally looking up in Michigan, particularly in Ann Arbor. Houses on my street that have been for sale for 2 years finally are getting sold. Prices are going up. The problem with buying a somewhat new house in Ann Arbor, one is always in earshot of the expressways that ring the border. Shanna looked at several on my street: all have offers pending. She is also looking at Canton where her husband grew up. Houses are newer and cheaper there but the schools are not quite as good. Where Josh lives, one can still buy a nice, new house for not much and extra bonus, no expressway noise. The commutes are longer though.

We had the boys last night. Within minutes, they engaged in a fight over the same toys. Oliver refused to eat his dinner until I cut the grilled cheese into teddy bear shapes. My strategy was to tire them out so they would sleep. It was hard to engage Daniel in outside activity but Oliver rode the tricycle for a good hour straight. He will be an endurance athlete.  A long time ago, I bought this light that looks like Saturn that projects the planets and stars all over the room in multicolors. It looks cool. This amused the boys as they fell asleep. Daniel still doesn't always sleep though the night. He woke up briefly a couple of times calling for me but fortunately he fell back asleep each time.

I thought it would be cool this morning but again, too hot.

Tonight Steve and I will use one of my many Groupons I've been hoarding, in Plymouth.

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