Sunday, June 10, 2012


These love growing in between my paver blocks. They drive Steve crazy as he thinks they are destroying the patio and look messy. But I can't kill snapdragons. I transplanted some of the smaller ones but the large ones' roots go under the pavers. The cleomes loved germinating in between the paver blocks too but their roots are straight and transplantable

Salmon colored petunias: never saw these before

Some how the container gardens don't look as pretty as they are in real life. Yesterday it was over 90 and very dry. Today will be a repeat. I got up bright and early for a bike ride. I figure if I have 300 miles under my belt, I'll be ready. Well 180 to go. I went 21 miles this morning and managed to avoid traffic. Added bonus: no wind except a slight south wind that faced me as I came back down hill to home.

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Very pretty. Lots of beautiful types and colors


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