Friday, June 29, 2012


The sign  for the intersection of Gott and Hiscock is the number one sign stolen in Ann Arbor according to a recent article. Did city planners have some sort of sense of humor? Gott is German for God. Are there any  God streets? I used to ride  my brother's bike on the Del Dios Highway (short for Paseo Delicias del Dios) between Escondito and Rancho Santa Fe (muy lindo!) but I haven't come across an actual God street.

Also frequently stolen are High, Easy and John Street signs.

In the UK, usually the main street of town is called High street (why?).

Not mentioned in the article was the nearby intersection of Nixon/Bluett. In the 70s, this sign frequently went missing.

Still hot. I went out before my coffee just to get a short run in at least. Although it won't be over 100 again today, it will be close.

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